2D Enemy character

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I've use different softwares such as photoshop, blender, Texture packer and unity 3D to achieve this 2d Character for games. To Create the texture of my model, i have made sure that each parts of the character has its on layer. So the arms, hands, head, eyes, mouth, upper body, lower body, legs, feet must be seperate. After that, i've layed the different part of the character so that they are not overlapping. Just like this.


The mesh is simple mesh made of different planes that i've been UV unwrapped. Each planes show a part of the character. After that i've render a animation sprite of each action such as idle, walk, run, jump and attack.

At last, i've just import the sprites images into unity 3D. Once you import your sprite, you need to convert it and slice them up. After that you create a New UI 2d sprite select an image from the sprite. Create an animator controller and an animation component. Select your sprites and put them in the animation tab. Change the frame rate per second to 30 to have the actual animation speed. From here you can control your animation through script.


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