Witchfire welcome you to the dark fantasy !

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Witchfire is one of the best surprises of the Game award! The game have beautiful graphics and seem to be promising. The studio behind that game is not famous but they made a good game on that was released on PC and Ps4. Do you remember the narrative game called: the vanishing of Ethan Carter. If you don't, let me inform you that you doesn't live on earth. The game has a huge success and reward. 1 million of copies of the narrative game have been sold since its release. Now the astronauts studios are back with another title: witchfire. This time they have made a dark fantasy rpg game. We know for sure that the game will be available on PC, but for the consoles we don't have infos about that. We doesn't what the game is about for now, but I hope that there will be some leaks about the story and the gameplay system !

Editor : the astronauts
Developer : the astronauts
Release Date : unknown
available on :PC

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