The Switch Arrival : Mohammad Alavi and Hideo Kojima reactions

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The Nintendo Switch will soon released (around the 03/03/2017) and most people think that the console will not meet our expectations. A lot of people are given their analysis about the new nintendo console. that's the case of Mohammad Alavi and Hideo Kojima. They both have a different idea of the console. For Mohammad Alavi, Senior designer at Respawn Entertainment, the console isn't enough powerful. He even laugh about it and said that most of the third party developper produce games that can be run on PC, Ps4 and Xbox One. So it will be difficult to try to fit a triple A game in that kind of equipment. But the point of view of Hideo Kojima is different. He analyse the concept that vehicule the Nintendo Switch console. Speaking with IGN, he said that the future of gaming will reside in the possibility to play everywhere at will. He even compare the concept of new console to his own game named (Transfarring). For him the nintendo switch will maybe open a new era of gaming. According to him "the cloud technology is what everything will eventually move to". So everybody has his own point of view about the nintendo console but i'll simply wait and see how the console will evolve in the next month.

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