Resident Evil : Rev. Col. review

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Resident Evil Revelations are back on switch. If you hadn't played it you should now because the experience on switch is quite good. You have noticed that this last month studios were launching some games on the switch console. Most of them have been already released on another platform quite a while now. That's the case of Skyrim, Doom or Minecraft. This time, we have got Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2.

There's not much to say about Resident Evil except that the story will be a good point for those who hadn't played this series yet. The horror experience is pretty well handled, but the real fun start with the co-op mode. Each player has his part of the job to do. This gives a real immersion in the gameplay. Plus, the Joy-con helps to enrich furthermore the gameplay. You have different moves to use to make the character shoot, slash or reload his gun. To sum up, Resident Evil: Revelations collection is a good game. If you have a Switch go get it!

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