Okami HD review

bagiryu ,
Okami is one of the best game of the Ps2 era. It was the most creative and artistic games that I've ever played. Until now I thought that Capcom had forgotten about this masterpiece, but now they have released an HD version of the game. The game puts you in the body of a sun god Amaterasu. You'll have to save Japan plunged into a darkness and a poisonous atmosphere and restore your godly powers. All this mess has been made by the evil Orochi, a giant yacht headed snake monster.

The first thing that instantly strike you, is the beautiful graphics and art design or the game. The game is insanely gorgeous! The atmosphere, the Japanese old painting style, the texture adds a real plus to the game. The gameplay is also original with the use of the celestial brush. This brush gives you special abilities that can help you solve puzzles and cure the curses land of japan. Okami is a great (for me it was one of the best game on ps2) and I highly recommend it to you !

Okami HD
Editor : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
available on : Ps4, Xbox

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