New screenshots from FF7 remake

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Today, we can say that every single triple A publisher try to make a remake. It doesn't work great but they can get some money here and there. We can list tons of remake like call of duty modern warfare, skyrim, resident evil, etc. Now you understand that most of them try to reuse old game to make money nowadays. The most awaited remake is the one of Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII (FF7). We only have few informations about this game it seems to be really good. We know that the graphics of the games will be update (that's the best part), the gameplay will be modified to fit new gamers needs (that's not a sign ...) and the story will be fairly change (why? because we already know the story of the game i presume). Lately, Square Enix post on his twitter the images the games just to make us wait a little bit more. The game look gorgeous but we can judge the game with our eyes only so we'll have to wait more and appreciate these screenshots !

Find the game and dlcs at

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