Nelo : a cool fast paced shooter

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When I was wandering on YouTube, I found out a really cool shooter called Nelo. I decided to share my feelings about this game that look promising. First, let's talk about the studio Magic & Mirrors, there's only two persons in charge! Yes, you heard me! Kevin Bryant and Michelle Morger made every asset and code the game by themselves. But they needed in some way the assistance of Kevin Greenlee (Composer) and Michael Schwalbe (Voice Actor/Vocal Director) for the sound management. So you see how incredibly skilled there are.

In the game, you play as Nelo with an alien suit who try to survive the minions of the Nightsithe (An AI made by his own race the Tono Gian) on a distant planet named Pemniba. He has different type of power and weapons. with his telekinetic power, he can wield four weapons at once and his suits give him super speed and agility. Nelo combines multiple genre like shooting up, platform and adventure. If you want to try the game, you can have it on steam Nelo Game. Have fun :)!

Editor : Magic & Mirrors
Developer : Magic & Mirrors
Release Date : Available
available on :PC

Find the game and dlcs at

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