Monster hunter world review

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Monster hunter is one the most popular licence of Capcom. MHW is now back on the playstation console after a long trip on Nintendo consoles. You play as a hunter of the fifth fleet which had the hard task to investigate the migration of Zorah an elder dragon. The story of the game is not very far fetch, but at least Capcom gives you something to justify the slaughter of hundred monsters (looool). For those who don't know yet, MHW is cool hack n' slash with some RPG elements in it. You have to uptake missions scavage dead monster carcass to craft armor, sword and all kinds of stuff.

To be honest the game is a lot of fun… for older player or fan of the series. If you're new to the game, you can be upset with the camera issues and the player maniability. MHW gives you a plenty of things to do! you can craft things like I said, but you upgrade your palico stuffs, cook special meals to boost your stats, harvest plants or collect elements while you're on an expedition. The thing that is interesting in that game is that everything you do can help you progress in the game and build a strategy to take down great beast! If you try it, I'm sure you'll like to track beast and fight them (or maybe struggling trying to kill them…).

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