Dragon Ball Fighter Z review

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Here it is! It's finally come: Dragon Ball Fighter Z is out! I have played different types of dragon ball Z game (final bout, Tenkaichi, Budokai, etc.) but this one seems to be the best one (no joke). Most of the games were just made for fun (or their wallets to be precise…). The dragon ball games were simple with no special gameplay system. But that is past now because Arc system works built the game as a real 2D fighting game! The controls are simple, that's true, but the game is competitive and complex enough to keep busy an old gamer (me for instance :)) or an experienced gamer.

The story mode is… not very good. I mean, even if you're a fan of dragon ball, you'll find the storyline boring sometimes. But there some features that can be interesting. Let's be frank this game is made for online battles mostly! What I'm trying to say is that Dragon Ball is not only for dragon ball fans. You like 2d fighting game? you should try it. Even if you're not into that kind of stuff, give it a shot! Maybe you'll like it.

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