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The sledgehammer Games studio finally gives us the most waited Call of Duty Game of this year (yeah obviously...)! CALL OF DUTY WW2 takes us to the second world war, which was the worst and fierce war that impact all humanity. You'll have the possibility to fight the historic epic battle no more laser, machines or spaceships like in call of duty modern warfare. In this new episode, you play as Red Daniels, a young soldier, who must fight your way to the Rhin Border. In the game you have the common ingredients: good cinematics, good action and super good QTE.
This time you'll have the chance to do some sequences of infiltration nothing elaborate, but enough to break the monotony. If you love the COD zombie, guess what? you got a brand new Nazi Zombie mode! These are the major good point of the game, but everything is not perfect. First the campaign solo is too short. Even if the COD WW2 as a good campaign solo, the game is still too linear (you follow the path... you finish the game!). Online there nothing to say except that there is too much loot boxes. Sometimes it feels that the game wants to reward just for playing online. It's not always a bad point, but it can irritate some of you. COD WW2 seems to revive an old feeling that the series seems to have lost through. I won't say it's the best game of the year, but it's a good COD game.

Editor : Activision
Developer : Sledgehammer Games
available on : PS4, PC, XBox One

Find the game and dlcs at

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