Black Mirror review

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In the 90's the point of click genre was dominant in the video game world especially on the PC. Black Mirror was one of the games that was popular at that time. The game is back now without the point to click system and graphics fully remastered. The story of the game takes you to Scotland in 1926. You're , David Gordon, whose father end his life in strange circumstances. Being his only heir, you'll try through the game to uncover the mysteries surrounding his death and a so called cursed upon the Gordon family.

The game is beautiful and restitute the dark atmosphere of the original version. Like most point to click game the decor is rich and there is a lot of interaction with the object surrounding you. The gameplay is not very special, the game was a point to click at first so don't expect too much from it. The storyline is rich and will keep you for hours. If you're an addict of the point to click era, black mirror is made for you, but if you didn't try this kind of game, you should give it a try!

Black Mirror
Editor : Nordic Games
Developer : King Art Games
available on : Ps4, Xbox

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