Are you ready for Metal Gear Survive ?

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For fans of MGS like me, 2018 will be great! Because Metal Gear Survive is about to come down soon! This metal gear is a little different from the other ones. This time you'll have to survive in a harsh land. Zombie-like creature will attempt to kill from time to time, but it's not a big deal for a big player like you! There is also a craft system, you'll have to collect woods, boxes, bottles, etc..

We don't know what the story will be about, but I think it'll be awesome! We all hope that the absence of Hideo kojima won't influence too much the game but I'm a little sad that he doesn't have the chance to work properly on this game. So here's the gameplay trailer of metal gear survive. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Metal Gear Survive
Editor : Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer : Konami
Release Date : unknown
available on :Xbox one, Ps4, PC

Find the game and dlcs at

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