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If you had a sense or a Nintendo 64, you must remember that you past on a good platform game like Mario, banjo Kazooie, earthworm Jim, etc. Well the game studio, gears for breakfast, try to give us the same feeling that we had with those games by making A Hat In Time. To put it simply, A Hat In Time is a tribute to the platform genre. The game is about a little girl (the hat kid) who is attempting to find hourglass fuel to repair her ship. Unfortunately, she is not the only one looking for these precious items. Her nemesis, the little mustache girl is her main opponent through the game.

Like every platform game, the gameplay is pretty simple. The main feature of the game is mainly in the hat system. There are multiple types of hat that give you special abilities. Sadly, the game suffers of camera issues, but it's very common in those kind of game. If you kinda like the Mario Odessey, but you have a PC, a Ps4 or an Xbox one, A Hat In Time is definitely a game for you!

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