Here ! you can follow short course about animation, Vfx, programming, modeling and so on. These tutorial are composed mostly of my tips that i used in my process. I focus on unity, blender and gimp. My goal is to help everyone to have the chance to create a game ! I'm not the best teacher around here but i'm sure that you'll find some interested tips and techniques. And by the way, all my tutorials are free so let's get started !


In this section, you'll find all the files and documents related to videos games, animations and models. Most of the products related to video games can be use in the unity 3D game engine. that's the same for the animations cycles. Why unity ? because it's free and it can get the job done ! I hope that the products useful ! Enjoy !


Right here, you got all the lastest news about gaming ! You'll have the hottest leaks about the most anticiped game. you'll know everything about the games that about to drop or to be cancelled and what's the hype level about your favourites games ! I also give my point of view on games that are released. we'll talk about good game and maybe the best creation of all time ! The top Gaming Section is about ... ranking obviously. Is Mario the best character ever made ? or Lara Croft is the hottest girl in video game ? Well you'll check this out right here !