The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

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We can no longer present to you a Zelda game ! Everyone knows this franchise (excet those who travel time to reach us this days). After 31 years of existence,the Zelda franchise is back with a new title called breth of the wild ! And this thime we got a completely different Zelda that carries new mechanics and system in a beautiful cell shading openworld. This new game holds hope of many.Those we loves the franchise and the nintendo itself ! In fact the game we'll have a huge impact on the sells of the Nintendo switch. If the game is bad nintendo we'll have trouble selling a console which is really expensive.

The game is really good i mean really really good. The graphics are not the greatest one i ever seen but the color are beautiful enough to make you shaver. The gameplay and the fights are tough if you don't pay attention you're dead. You have to be smart and inventive to survive in the game. The game has also bad sides (yeah i know there are always something that is quite off). The first as you would guess is the graphics. This graphics looks so much like the wii u version (but mario odessey seems better ) Moreover there is some frame/rate issues. And that can kill the mood sometimes. In general the game offer what we deserve: a good game experience. If you like the series like me, the game is made for you !

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Genre : Aventure, Open World, Action, Rpg
Available on : Nintendo Switch

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