Sniper Elite 4 review

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You love sniping at people in the street huh i mean sniping at people in video games. if it's yes then you will enjoy playing at Sniper Elite 4. In this game you'll have multiples tools and gadgets to kill your enemes but the game doesn’t give you only these means to achieve your goals. It gives you also somes ways to scare them, stalk them and create a mess in their ranks. the game doesn’t reward elaborate killing but it is so much enjoying that you'll try to make a real complicated killing just to have some fun. Rebellion has succeded making killing Nazis really fun. Sniper Elite 4 bring us this time to Italia where you'll help the italian resistance to stop the Nazi's domination before the arrival of the allies nations.

The pros of the game are numerous! first when you shot somebody the game will enter in xray mode that will show you the damage of your bullet. You have Xray for the head, the guts, the lungs, the hearts and even in the testicules ...(yeah that's really gore!). the game give you the opportunity to create elaborate scheme to kill your targets much like in Hitman. For the cons, we notice that the story is not really fetched, the AI is good but for a stealth game a dumb AI can kill the challenge.there are also some collision bugs that can be annoying sometimes. In the end, Sniper Elite 4 is a good game but it has its bad sides. I can't tell you to buy or not buy the game you have the last word.

Sniper Elite 4
Editor : Rebellion
Developer : Just for Games
available on : PS4, PC, XBox One

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