Resident Evil 7 Review

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That's it ! Resident Evil has come back in great shape ! Capcom take a big risk by changing the classic gameplay of the resident evil but it works out in the end because the First person is better to give you chills. we can say that Resident Evil 7 is the most scary of the resident evil series. Since Resident Evil 4, most of the resident evil game was more action based. In fact the survival was no more the main goal of the series. But now, resident evil return to his old self and add more by including the VR experience. We all know that the best way to make a good horror game is to throw at your face some grossy monsters. The gameplay of the game is not really special and follow the steps of the same type of game (outlast, etc.). There are no elaborate character customization or sub missions. The game is only about the fear, anguish and jump-scares.

We find in this new masterpiece all the ingredients that make resident evil a good game. We got traps, undying bosses and unsolving puzzles (i exaggerate a little bit...).When you play the game, you're always under pressure and you really feel the fear. the dialogs are good enough to keep you in this threatening atmosphere. The graphism are beautiful (for a scary game) and the textures are really fetch. Finally the VR experience make the game what it is : a real survival-horror game. However the game is pretty fast to finish and the enemies are not really smart. Resident Evil 7 is a game good but not the best game of the series (i love too much RE4). But if you really like scary games go get it !

Resident Evil 7
Editor: Capcom
Studio: Capcom
Available on : PS4, PC, XBox One

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