Monster Hunter: Wolrd introduce Aloy

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Monster Hunter: Wolrd introduce Aloy If you're a fan of horizon zero and monster hunter, you'll be happy to know that capcom will allow you to play as aloy from horizon zero ! In fact, you'll have the chance to wear some gear and skin that'll change you into aloy. There is also an armor for your Palico which can change him into a machine beast from horizon Zero. I don't know when it'll be purchasable or how much it'll cost but if you have horizon zero, you can unlock the skin by completing an event quest. Once you obtain the special materials, got to the in-game facility "smithy".There you'll forge your equipment. There is more details to come about the way to unlock the gear. So stay tuned !
Editor : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Release Date : January 26, 2018
available on : PS4, PC, XBox One

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