Mass effect andromeda Review

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Mass effect wallpaper
After many troubles (bad animation, ugly character,etc.), Mass effect andromeda is finally in the store and it seems to be good. We gotta say that Studio Bioware had a bad time lately but the game looks really promising. Mass effect andromeda take to the andromeda galaxy 600 years after the events of the last mass effect. You play as a pathfinder who must find a new world for the humanity.

The graphism of the game are really impressive and beautiful (if we don't count the character modelisation that are not good enough). The music of the game are good and let us get deeper in the atmosphere of the game. The lifetime of the game is quite long with multiple missions and sidequests. The dialog system of this mass effect is correct but don't surpass the later ones. Even though there are a lot of sides missions most of them are fetch quests. In the end, you have also some technical issues that can kill the fun. So will you take the blue pill or the mass effect andromeda pill ?

Mass effect andromeda
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Developer : BioWare
Genre : RPG, Open world, Shooter
Available on : PS4, PC, XBox One

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