Blaster Master Zero Review

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blast master Zero test
Before the release of Mario odyssey on nintendo switch, Inti creates gives us a remake of an old SNES game called blaster master zero. By the name of the game, you see clearly what you'll be playin'. It's a platform shooter like the metroid series. In this game, you'll not only shoot anything but you'll have to explore dungeon and find boss and ohter stuffs. The graphisms are not really good (you know ... it's just 8 bit graphics don't expect too much ...).

But if you're a fan of that kind of stuff you'll be pleased. And if you like melodies that comes from your nokia 3310 cellphone, you'll definitly like the soundtrack of the game. The controls are corrects and there are no issues at this point. Furthermore, the game gives you the possibility to play as the charactef or ride vehicules. You really feel the progrssion in the game but the difficulty is too low. The story of the game is simple just like the games of the SNES era. The game is good but if you're nostalgic this kind of game is made for you !

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